BBC Radiophonic Workshop - BBC Sound Effects No. 19 - Doctor Who Soun - LP Vinyl

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Sleeve Grading: VG+ (Very Good Plus)
Record Grading: VG+ (Very Good Plus)
Inner Sleeve Grading: Plain Paper

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Artist BBC Radiophonic Workshop
Title BBC Sound Effects No. 19 - Doctor Who Sound Effects
Release Year 1978
Record Label BBC Records And Tapes
Catalogue Number REC 316
Format LP
Release Country United Kingdom
Suggested Genres Experimental, Ambient

A1: The Central Control Room In Exillon City - Dr. Who And The Exillons
A2: The Dalek Control Room - Death To The Daleks
A3: Metebelis III Atmosphere - Planet Of The Spiders
A4: Styre's Scouting Machine (Approach, Stop, Search, Depart) - The Destructors
A5: Dalek Hatching Tanks On Skaros - Genesis Of The Daleks
A6: Zygon Spaceship Control Centre - Dr. Who And The Zygons
A7: Sutekh Time Tunnel - Pyramid Of Mars
A8: The Interior Of Xoanon - Face Of Evil
B1: The Shrine Of The Sisterhood Of Karn - Dr. Who And The Brain Of Morbius
B2: Kraal Disorientation Chamber - Android Invasion
B3: The Mandragora Helix - The Curse Of The Mandragora
B4: Atomic Reactor Runs Wild - The Hand Of Death
B5: Wind-Mine Machine - Robots Of Death
B6: Distillation Chamber - The Talons Of Weng Chi'ang
B7: Cloning And Minituarisation Process - The Enemy Within
B8: Inside Dr. Who's Mind - The Enemy Within
B9: Tardis Interior (In Flight)
B10: Tardis Interior (Stationary)
B11: Tardis Observation Screen Operates
B12: Tardis Door Opens
B13: Sonic Screwdriver
B14: Fission Gun (2 Blasts) - Ark In Space
B15: Tesh Gun - Face Of Evil
B16: Gallifreyan Staser Gun (3 Blasts) - The Deadly Assassin
B17: Vardan Gun - The Invasion Of Time
B18: Sontaran Gun (3 Blasts) - The Invasion Of Time
B19: Gallifreyan Staser (3 Blasts)
B20: DematerialIzer Gun (Switch On And Fire) - The Invasion Of Time
B21: Dalek Gun (3 Blasts) - Genesis Of The Daleks
B22: Dragon Ray-Gun - The Talons Of Weng Chi'ang

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