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How Are Scented Vinyl Records Made? Marshmallow, Peach, Frankincense & More

Ghostbusters Scented Record

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The world of vinyl records has always been associated with a unique sensory experience—listening to the crackling sound and holding the tangible artefact in one's hands. However, in recent years, vinyl records have taken this experience a step further by incorporating another sense: smell.

Scented vinyl records, with their ability to evoke memories and enhance the listening journey, have emerged as a fascinating intersection of music and olfactory delight. In this article, we will explore the process of creating scented vinyl records, delve into some noteworthy examples, and discuss how they enhance the overall music experience. 


Another practice in record pressing is releasing music with scented sleeves or 'scratch and sniff' inserts. Artists such as Lizzo, Lightning Seeds and the Call Me By Your Name Soundtrack have done this.

Strawberry scented vinyl
Call Me By Your Name Soundtrack

The Creation Process

Crafting scented vinyl records requires a careful combination of artistry, chemistry, and innovation. While traditional vinyl pressing techniques remain at the core of the manufacturing process, adding scent to the vinyl involves additional steps.

Here's a breakdown of the key elements involved in the creation of scented vinyl records:

Scent Selection: The first step is selecting the appropriate scent that complements the music or the album's concept. The scent can be tied to the album's theme, lyrics, or overall mood, creating a cohesive multi-sensory experience.

Micro-encapsulation: Micro-encapsulation is a technique used to capture and release fragrance over time. In scented vinyl records, microscopic scent capsules are embedded in the vinyl material during the pressing process. These capsules, made of a polymer material, encapsulate the fragrance and ensure its longevity.

Vinyl Production: Once the scent capsules are prepared, the vinyl pressing process follows the traditional method. The vinyl compound, containing the scent capsules, is heated and pressed into the desired shape. The record is then cooled and trimmed, resulting in a scented vinyl disc.

Quality Control: Ensuring the scent's potency and longevity is crucial. Manufacturers conduct rigorous quality control checks to verify that the fragrance is evenly distributed throughout the record and that the scent remains intact even after repeated plays.

Several artists and labels have embraced scented vinyl records as a way to enhance their musical offerings...

Here are a few noteworthy examples:

Stevie Wonder’s 1979 release of ‘Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants’ had a distinctively earthy or floral perfume scent to it, which would make sense given the title and theme of the album!

Stevie Wonder
Stevie Wonder

In 2014, Sony Music released ‘Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Edition’ as a 12” single that featured the main theme from the hit film. This record was infused with a strong vanilla aroma that was intended to harken back to the film’s iconic Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

Ghostbusters (Stay Puft Edition)
Ghostbusters (Stay Puft Edition)

Madonna even got in on the record-scenting act wither her 1989 release of ‘Like A Prayer’. Sparing no expense, the first pressings of the album were infused with hints of incense frankincense and patchouli. These particular fragrances were chosen due to their religious connotations, and how they would align with the album’s Deus theme.

Madonna – Like A Prayer
Madonna – Like A Prayer

Scented vinyl records go beyond a mere novelty; they have the potential to enhance the overall music experience in various ways:

Emotional Connection: The olfactory sense is closely linked to memory and emotions. By pairing a specific scent with an album, artists can evoke strong emotional responses and create a deeper connection between the music and the listener.

Immersion and Atmosphere: Scented vinyl records allow artists to transport listeners into specific atmospheres or environments. The scent can serve as an additional layer of storytelling, enhancing the mood and thematic elements of the music.

Multi-Sensory Artistry: Scented vinyl records bridge the gap between visual, auditory, and olfactory arts, elevating the vinyl experience into a multi-sensory work of art. This fusion of senses adds a new dimension to the appreciation and interpretation of music.

Scented vinyl records represent a captivating fusion of music and fragrance, offering a truly immersive and multi-sensory experience for all music lovers. From the careful selection of scents to the micro-encapsulation process and vinyl production, creating scented records requires meticulous attention to detail.

As scented vinyl records continue to push the boundaries of sensory exploration, they remind us that music can be more than just sound—it can also be a full sensory journey that captivates and delights us in unexpected ways.

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