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Our Process

An expertly curated system...

We don’t like to leave anything to chance, which is why we research the most important topics around vinyl to ensure we’re always learning.

We’ve developed a constantly expanding Grading Manual, on top of our four-stage processing system which we use to make sure everything is just right.

We put each insight we’ve learned into every single record that passes through our hands.

A record should only need to be thoroughly cleaned once, so we want to make sure that we give the record the right care while it's with us so that you can enjoy it for many years to come.

Whatever the value, it gets the highest level of care and attention from our experts.

All of this work means that the minute it arrives, your new record is ready to go straight on the turntable...

Our Unique Four-Stage System

One - Cleaning & Processing

This is when we decide which records we'll be putting on our website.

We identify which version of a record we've got in our hands. This often goes into tiny details like the way the sleeve folds over, or how the text aligns on the record label!

Then, we'll clean it using a tried & tested alcohol-based vinyl cleaning fluid and give an initial 'visual' grading. All of our grading is done with the use of bright light to show any imperfections. This is also the stage where we'll grade the sleeves.

The cleaning fluid we use is made in the UK, and we've been using it for years. We don't use alcohol-based cleaner on picture or flexi-discs. We have distilled water on hand for these more delicate records.

We also clean the sleeves at this stage, as we think it's equally important to keep them clear of dust - especially as they will be sitting right with the delicate record.

Two - Grading

Every single record available on our site has been play-tested, no matter the value.

Just before the play-test, we give the record a second visual grading. We always have a different person completing each of these stages, which helps us to be consistent and to pick up on any issues. 

We then play-test a sample and assign a final grading based on the visual and the audio.

When a record has a mark or light scratch on the playing surface, we'll make sure to play over that section as well as our usual sample so that we can keep our gradings accurate and not allow a poor-quality record through for sale.

Interested in exactly how we grade? All of our grading definitions are in our Grading Guide.

Three - Photographing & Packaging

As you may have seen in our photos, we take pictures of both sides of the record and sleeve, as well as any extras that come with it, like release notes or posters.

We want to make sure that you can see as much detail as possible in our listings, and we're always happy to send you extra information or photos if there's something that you're not sure about.

We understand the issues that can come with buying records online, so we're trying to give you an experience as close to actually being able to pick up and look at the record the way you would be able to in a physical store.

After taking the photos, we place the records into brand new high-quality anti-static sleeves, plus resealable outers so that they reach you fit for many years of playback. 

Four - Storage & Dispatch

The way records are stored is very important for maintaining their condition. For example, keeping them the right way up and at a safe temperature. We regularly check our shelves to ensure that the records are kept upright and secure.

Our resealable sleeves allow the records to stay clean and dust-free during the time they spend on our shelves and throughout their journey to your door.

We ship the records using the strongest mailers on the market, which are also plastic-free and made by Lil Packaging.

You can read more about our packaging on our Packaging page.