Our Story

From a case to a company...

It was all the way back in 2015 that my dad bought me my very first record for Christmas.

Or to be more exact, my very first box of records... and when I say box, I really mean ‘DJ case so heavy I could barely carry it'.

That was it.

The artwork, the sound, the feeling of discovery as I picked my way through that box made me fall in love with vinyl. Atlas Records was born from there and 200,000 records later, that very same case still sits in the office and that very same feeling still drives me.

Only it’s not just me anymore. We have a team of passionate staff ensuring everything runs smoothly, but that love for vinyl still runs through everything we do here.

It’s this team that scours the country looking for the best music to bring to our shelves, handling each one with care on its every step towards its new home.

Records are a source of great memories for me and so many others. Here's to many more!


About Us

We’re an online second-hand record store based in the UK,
driven by a passionate team dedicated to discovering and preserving top-quality
vinyl from around the world.

Our collection features numerous rare first or early
pressings, along with early reissues of timeless classics, and the occasional
new and sealed modern release.

Employing a meticulous process, we ensure that every record
we advertise meets the highest standards of quality and condition. This
involves play-testing a sample of each record and capturing real, high-quality
photographs of every single one.

Our commitment lies in the minutest details, aiming to provide
you with the confidence to trust Atlas Records for your next vinyl purchase.

More from our story...

Way back in 2017 we decided to start using the custom-designed mailers we still stock today, but the only way we could afford to do that was to buy a whole pallet of them (7,200)…

At this stage Atlas Records was based in the home Chris shared with his dad, so along came the lorry driver to deliver this pallet, looking for a shop and instead he found a terraced house. He happily dumped the pallet outside the house, at which point two things became apparent:

- The pallet does not fit in through the door

- It’s starting to rain

Chris, his dad and sister quickly dismantled the pallet, stacking them haphazardly in the living room to start with before building a neat pile under the stairs.

These days we take a pallet delivery like a normal company, wheeling it into our stock room with a minimum of fuss.

Where’s the fun in that?

By 2018, the records were stacking up at Chris' home (they were pretty much everywhere other than his dad's bedroom!) and it was time to find somewhere a little bigger.

We moved into our warehouse (where we're still based now) on Chris' birthday in 2018, and we spent the day cleaning, painting, building shelves and setting up the desks.

However, we quickly realised that our shelves caused a bit of an issue for one of the rows of records... they are so tall that they completely blocked out the light!

For the first few weeks, this was solved by using a headtorch to pick records. Agricultural, perhaps, but it worked...

Finally, we invested in some LED strip lights in order to properly light up the row. Those lights are still going strong today, but we've kept the headtorch as a reminder of those few weeks.

(And just in case the LEDs ever give up on us!)

From then, things began to get busier and busier. We started selling LPs, moved into an additional office and hired more staff.

Fast forward to Black Friday 2020... we put on a special sale and it would prove to be our busiest week yet.

Usually, we're able to pick and pack all of our weekend orders on a Monday but that week, Chris and Tyler came in on Sunday to make sure it all made it!

It was busy work, but they got it all sorted and that meant that nearly 1000 records found their way to fantastic new homes.