Gift Voucher



Treat them to their choice of gift by purchasing a digital gift card from Atlas Records!

This voucher doesn't come with an expiry date, so they'll have as long as they like to choose a vinyl record that they'll love.

The voucher will come through in an email which can then be forwarded on to your recipient.

Vinyl You Can Trust

We love records, which is why we're always researching the best ways to care for every record that comes our way.

That's why each of our records is first meticulously cleaned and then not just inspected once, but twice, before a sample is play-tested to make sure it sounds as good as it looks.

This means the minute it arrives, your new record is ready to go straight on the turntable...

If you listened to every 7" record
we've shipped since 2018 (over 98,000)
it would take 590,310 minutes
to enjoy back-to-back.

That's 409.94 days!