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Is There An App For Selling Vinyl Records?

Is There An App For Selling Vinyl Records?

Tom |

There are definitely a few well-renowned apps that can be used to sell your vinyl records including the Discogs and eBay apps - as well as other second-hand marketplaces that have mobile apps like Vinted or Facebook are all great options. You can even contact us directly if you are looking to sell your collection!  

In today's article, we'll take a closer look at some of the most popular apps and services you can use if you are looking to part with your collection.

1 - Discogs mobile app icon | Discogs offer the world's largest online record database, as well as their own dedicated marketplace

The Discogs app is quite the smorgasbord of all things record-related. They offer their own centralised database for all record entries that is forever growing and improving, meaning that it is a great tool to have at your disposal if you are looking to identify certain records in your collection. 


They also have their own, dedicated marketplace within the app - allowing users to buy and sell records whenever they please. Selling on Discogs is relatively straightforward and seamless, however, all listings need to be correctly matched to their respective database entries beforehand, so it may not be the most user-friendly experiences for the complete novices amongst us. 


One thing to look out for with Discogs is their selling fee. Although all records are free to list, they will charge a 9% transaction fee on the final value that they sell for, as well as a 9% fee on any shipping costs paid. The benefit to selling on Discogs, however, is that they have an extremely large user base, with their site receiving around 20 million views per month - so if you're listing is competitively priced, it is likely to be noticed!


The Discogs app is available for free on iOS and the Google Play store. 

2 - eBay

eBay | eBay is the world's most recognisable online auction site

Everybody knows eBay. It's the world's largest and most recognisable online auction site - with over 250 million monthly site visits!

Selling records on eBay is a pretty straightforward process, as you do not need to match them to any pre-existing database results. However, because of this, knowing the exact value of the records you have in front of you can be a little trickier. 

If this is the case and you are not entirely confident about the value of what you have, setting up an auction listing instead of utilising their Buy It Now feature might be the way to go - as prospective buyers are more likely to place bids relative to what the records are worth.

eBay's selling fees are a little more complex than the flat rates of Discogs and can depend on factors like your seller rating - so it would be worth using one of the many online calculators to get a rough idea of what sort of money you'll make from each sale.

The eBay app is available for free on iOS and the Google Play store. 

3 - Vinted

Vinted | One of the UK's most popular second-hand item sites

Vinted is similar to eBay in that there are no prerequisites for selling on their platform. The key difference to eBay is that all of their listings' prices are fixed - meaning that there are no auctions whatsoever. When it comes to selling records here, you sort of need to know what you've got as well as its value in order to avoid a situation in which you are selling your records for less than they are worth.


The benefit of using Vinted is that there are no selling fees at all, meaning the entire sum of what you sell a record (or indeed a collection) for is entirely yours. This ‘zero fees’ policy is quite uncommon amongst mobile selling platforms these days, hence why it is becoming ever more popular!


The Vinted app is available for free on iOS and the Google Play store. 

4 - Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace | Facebook's integrated marketplace has incredibly large user-base, meaning your records could sell particularly quickly!

Facebook's dedicated Marketplace can either be a great place to move your collection on quickly, or the listing can sit there for weeks and not gain any traction at all - it can sometimes be a bit of a guessing game as to which experience you'll end up having.

At Atlas Records, we often use Facebook Marketplace in order to list records we are giving away for free - and for this use, it is fantastic! Its main issue is really a result of its own success, and that is the sheer size of its user base. 

Because of how popular Facebook has become in recent years, its focus isn't on improving the experience of its Marketplace; resulting in limited buyer protection when compared to other platforms.

This, coupled with things like inconsistent listing visibility can make for a frustrating experience if you are perhaps trying to sell a particularly valuable record. If you are selling a smaller amount of records for a smaller price, for example, it is definitely a good enough service to not have to really worry about these things. 

The Facebook app is available for free on iOS and the Google Play store. 

5 - Ourselves!

Records being prepared for sale
Selling your unwanted records doesn't have to be a difficult process

If you are looking for a more personal approach, why not get in touch with us directly! We've been buying and selling records from up and down the UK now for over half a decade, and can definitely align with the frustrations that come from selling a collection using some of the platforms we've previously mentioned in this article. 


We are based just outside of Taunton in Somerset, so if you are local and looking to sell, then feel free to pop by during our opening hours of 9am - 5pm, Monday through Friday. We normally ask that you leave your collection with us for a few days so that we can thoroughly assess it, and come up with a true, reflective value for you. If you are happy with what we offer, we can organise payment via bank transfer over the phone. 


If this is something you would like to do, either use the link below to send us a collection enquiry or find our full contact information here.

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