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Unveiling the Eccentric World of Record Players: 11 Unique and Weird Turntables

Weird record players

Paddy |

Vinyl records have experienced a resurgence in recent years, captivating audiophiles and music enthusiasts alike. While the classic turntable design is iconic, some creators have taken the art of playing vinyl to a whole new level. Join us on a journey through the strange, fascinating, and downright weird world of vinyl record players.

1. Audio-Technica Soundburger: The Compact Wonder

Audio-Technica Soundburger

The Audio-Technica Soundburger is a true oddity in the turntable realm. Resembling a UFO more than a traditional player, this compact wonder is a portable solution that defies expectations. Introduced in the 1980s, the Soundburger's quirky design features a circular platter and a straight tonearm. Its UFO-like appearance makes it a standout piece for collectors and a testament to the innovative spirit of its time.

2. Miniot Wheel: Where Minimalism Meets Innovation

Miniot Wheel: Where Minimalism Meets Innovation

The Miniot Wheel challenges the conventional notion of a turntable. Crafted from a single block of wood, this minimalist masterpiece is a triumph of design and engineering. The absence of buttons or visible mechanics adds an air of mystery to the experience. To play a record, users simply place it on the spindle, and the Wheel intuitively starts spinning. This fusion of aesthetics and functionality makes the Miniot Wheel a conversation starter and a sought-after piece for those who appreciate craftsmanship.

3. Sony PS-F5: The Shoulder-Mounted Marvel

Sony PS-F5: The Shoulder-Mounted Marvel
ObseleteSony - Twitter 

In the 1980s, Sony unveiled a turntable that looked like it belonged in a sci-fi movie rather than a living room—the PS-F5. Featuring a compact, shoulder-mounted design, this portable turntable allowed users to enjoy their vinyl records on the go. The futuristic aesthetic, coupled with the ability to carry your tunes wherever you went, made the Sony PS-F5 a symbol of the bold experimentation that characterised the era.

4. Lego 'The Planet' Turntable: Playful Ingenuity


For those who cherish both music and childhood memories, the Lego 'The Planet' turntable is a delightful creation. Constructed entirely from Lego bricks, this turntable showcases the playful side of vinyl appreciation. The Planet combines nostalgia for building blocks with the analogue warmth of vinyl, creating a unique fusion of two beloved pastimes. While it may not be the pinnacle of audiophile precision, it embodies the joy of combining creativity and music.

5. Love Turntable: The Levitating Marvel

Love Turntable: The Levitating Marvel

The Love Turntable is a visual spectacle that defies gravity—literally. This extraordinary turntable features a levitating platter, giving the impression that your vinyl is floating in mid-air. Beyond its mesmerising appearance, the Love Turntable promises low resonance and excellent sound quality. It's a testament to how technology and design can intersect to create a truly out-of-this-world audio experience.

6. Evan Holm 'Submerged Turntables': Beneath the Surface

Evan Holm takes the art of vinyl appreciation to uncharted depths with his 'Submerged Turntables.' As the name suggests, these turntables are designed to be submerged underwater, challenging preconceived notions of where and how music can be enjoyed. The ethereal experience of listening to vinyl records underwater adds a layer of mystique to the act of playing music, creating a sensory journey that transcends the ordinary.

7. AudioWood Barky: Nature's Harmony

AudioWood Barky: Nature

The AudioWood Barky turntable marries technology with the organic beauty of wood. Featuring a plinth crafted from a cross-section of a tree, complete with bark intact, the Barky is a unique blend of modern engineering and natural aesthetics. Each Barky turntable is a one-of-a-kind piece, with the rings and patterns of the tree adding a touch of nature to the listening experience. It's a reminder that the world of turntables extends beyond electronics, embracing the artistry of nature.

8. Scratchophone: When Art Meets Sound

Scratchophone: When Art Meets Sound

The Scratchophone is a turntable that doubles as a canvas for artistic expression. This unique player features a transparent platter adorned with striking, hand-painted designs. With each Scratchophone being a limited edition, it offers a rare opportunity for collectors to own a piece of functional art. Blurring the lines between music and visual aesthetics, the Scratchophone is a celebration of individuality and the diverse ways in which people express themselves through their passions.

9. Transrotor Artus FMD: The Extravagant Elegance

 Transrotor Artus FMD: The Extravagant Elegance

The Transrotor Artus FMD is a turntable that embodies pure extravagance. Crafted with precision engineering and luxurious materials, the Artus FMD is a statement piece for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Its design, reminiscent of a high-end watch, exudes opulence. This turntable is a testament to how the world of audiophilia can seamlessly blend with the realm of luxury and aesthetics.

10. Pro-Ject Red VT-E Vertical: Vertical Sonic Innovation

Pro-Ject Red VT-E Vertical: Vertical Sonic Innovation

The Pro-Ject Red Vertica challenges the conventional horizontal orientation of turntables by going vertical. Designed to be mounted on a wall, the Red Vertica combines a unique aesthetic with space-saving functionality. Its vertical positioning not only makes it a striking visual centrepiece but also serves as a practical solution for those with limited floor space. The Red Vertica is a prime example of how innovation in form can redefine the boundaries of traditional audio setups.

11. ELP Laser Turntable: Laser Precision

ELP Laser Turntable: Laser Precision

The ELP Laser Turntable takes a futuristic approach to vinyl playback. Instead of using a traditional stylus, it employs laser technology to read the grooves on a vinyl record. This contact-free method promises to eliminate wear and tear on records, offering a novel solution for preserving precious vinyl collections. While the ELP Laser Turntable may seem like something out of a sci-fi movie, it represents an innovative way to marry modern technology with the charm of vinyl.

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