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What is a Reissue Vinyl Record?

Reissue vinyl

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A reissue is a new pressing of a previously released record. It is produced after the original release, often to meet renewed demand or to celebrate an anniversary. Reissues can include remastered audio, updated artwork, bonus tracks, or additional liner notes, and they provide an opportunity for new audiences to enjoy classic albums on vinyl.

Are Reissues Always Brand New?

A reissue can be pressed at any time after the original release, so you could have a reissue from decades ago. It could even have been pressed in the same year as the initial release, if demand was large enough at the time.

While reissues are sometimes brand-new pressings, they can also be older pressings that were issued after the initial release. Therefore, not all reissues are necessarily brand new; some may have been produced many years ago and might be pre-owned.

Many of the second hand records available on our site are reissues, dating from the 60s right through to today.

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What Are the Differences Between a First Press and a Reissue?

First Press

Time of Production: This is the very first batch of records produced from the initial master recordings. It is usually released at the same time as the album's original release date.

Historical Context: First presses are often highly valued by collectors for their historical significance and authenticity. They represent the initial sound and packaging as intended by the artist and producer.

Packaging and Artwork: First presses typically have original artwork, labels, and packaging. These elements might differ from later reissues.

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Time of Production: Reissues are produced after the original pressing, sometimes years or even decades later. They are created to meet ongoing or renewed demand for the album.

Sound Quality: The sound quality of reissues can vary. Some reissues are remastered, which means they have been sonically enhanced using modern technology, potentially offering improved sound quality. Others might use the same master as the original press.

Packaging and Artwork: Reissues might have different artwork, labels, or packaging compared to the original press. They might include additional features like bonus tracks, updated liner notes, or new artwork.

Condition: While original presses are often sought after in their original condition, reissues are often available brand new and are more readily accessible.

Pet Sounds The Beach Boys
50th Anniversary Reissue of Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys
Daft Punk Reissue
Many reissues will come brand new and sealed.

Are Reissues Ever Sought After Like First Presses?

Yes, reissues can indeed be valuable and sought after, though typically not to the same extent as first presses. Several factors can contribute to the value and desirability of reissues:

Limited Editions

Special Releases: Reissues that are released as limited editions, especially those with unique features such as coloured vinyl, special artwork, or deluxe packaging, can become highly collectible and valuable.

Scarcity: If a reissue is produced in limited quantities, its rarity can drive up its value among collectors.

Quality and Mastering:

High-Quality Remastering: Some reissues are highly prized for their superior sound quality, particularly if they have been remastered using high-resolution audio or original analogue tapes.

Audiophile Releases: Reissues from audiophile labels are often sought after for their meticulous production quality.

Historical Significance:

Significant Anniversary Editions: Reissues released to mark significant anniversaries of an album (e.g., 25th or 50th anniversary editions) often come with bonus tracks, unreleased material, and extensive liner notes, making them desirable for fans.

Notable Events: Reissues tied to significant events in an artist's career or music history can also become collectible.

Artist and Album Popularity:

Iconic Albums: Albums from iconic artists or landmark recordings tend to be valuable, regardless of whether they are first presses or reissues.

Fan Base: The size and dedication of an artist's fan base can drive demand for reissues, especially if the original pressings are scarce or prohibitively expensive.

Packaging and Extras:

Enhanced Packaging: Reissues that come with special packaging, booklets, posters, or other extras can be highly desirable.

Box Sets: Comprehensive box sets that include multiple albums, remastered versions, and extensive extras can be very valuable.

In conclusion, while first presses are often more sought after due to their historical and original context, reissues can also become valuable and collectible for their unique features, superior sound quality, limited availability, and special packaging.

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