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What was Reg Presley from The Troggs Famous For? Wild Thing, Love Is All Around, and… Crop Circles?!

Reg Presley's UFO Show

Holly |

Reg Presley, the lead singer of The Troggs, was famous for being a pivotal figure in the 1960s rock scene.  Their hit single "Wild Thing" alongside the track "Love Is All Around" were two major successes, although Presley is also famous for his fascination for UFOs and the unexplained...

Reg Presley was not only a talented musician but also known for his deep fascination with unconventional subjects such as crop circles and UFOs. His curiosity led him to explore these topics extensively, and he even authored a book titled "Wild Things They Don't Tell Us."

In his book, Presley delves into the mysteries surrounding crop circles and UFO phenomena. He shares his thoughts, observations, and perhaps even personal experiences related to these enigmatic occurrences. It's a departure from the typical narratives associated with rock musicians, showcasing Presley's intellectual and inquisitive side.

Wild Thing by The Troggs
Reg Presley isn't just famous for writing hits with his band The Troggs.

The Troggs: A Background

The Troggs, a British rock band, emerged during the mid-1960s and played a significant role in the "British Invasion" of the American music scene. The band's original lineup consisted of Reg Presley (vocals), Chris Britton (guitar), Pete Staples (bass), and Ronnie Bond (drums).

The choice of the name "The Troggs" is an interesting story. The band's name is said to be inspired by the word "troglodyte," which refers to a person who lives in seclusion or a cave-dweller. The name was suggested by the band's manager, Larry Page, as he thought it sounded primal and would capture attention.

While "Wild Thing" is undoubtedly their most famous song, The Troggs had several other hits, including "With a Girl Like You" and "Love Is All Around." Their music often featured straightforward, catchy melodies and lyrics that resonated with the themes of love and relationships.


Reg Presley’s UFO Discovery

Reg Presley's interest in UFOs was sparked by a personal experience he had in the 1990s. According to Presley, he walked into a crop formation at Alton Barnes in Marlborough. This encounter had a profound impact on him and ignited his curiosity about UFOs and extra-terrestrial phenomena.

Presley's interest in UFOs went beyond just the odd personal experience. He became a dedicated researcher and advocate for the study of unidentified flying objects. He delved into literature on the subject, attended conferences, and engaged with the UFO research community.

To fund his interest and research in UFOs, Reg Presley drew on the success of his music career, particularly the royalties from The Troggs' hit songs. The commercial success of tracks like "Wild Thing" provided Presley with the financial means to pursue his passion for UFO investigations and related topics.

One of the most notable funding sources Presley drew from was the royalties he made from Wet Wet Wet’s 1994 cover of The Troggs hit "Love Is All Around." Research subjects that this cover funded included alchemy, lost civilisations, alien spacecraft, and of course, crop circles. The cover was released 30 years after Presley first wrote it, stayed at number one for three weeks and is said to have made him 1 million pounds in royalties!

We came across a brilliant news piece by Town TV and Meridian TV documenting Reg Presley’s success because of Wet Wet Wet’s cover and his UFO career…

Wild Things They Don’t Tell Us & The Reg Presley UFO Show

In addition to funding his own research, Presley also used his platform to share his views on UFOs with the public. His 2002 book, "Wild Things They Don't Tell Us," delves into his thoughts and observations about crop circles, UFOs, and other unexplained phenomena. The publication of the book allowed him to contribute to the discourse around these topics and share his perspective with a broader audience.

Alongside his book, Presley also presented his own weekly cable television show called “The Reg Presley UFO Show” on Andover’s cable network, “Town TV. – you can catch a clip from this in the news piece video above.

The Reg Presley UFO Show
Reg Presley had his own weekly show documenting his UFO encounters and research.

In Conclusion

Beyond the world of rock and roll, Presley's legacy extends into the mysterious and unexplained. His deep fascination with UFOs and crop circles, showcased in his book "Wild Things They Don't Tell Us," reveals a multifaceted individual who sought to explore the unconventional, and certainly used his success to be nothing but himself!

Whether we believe his UFO experiences to be true or not, Presley's journey from the forefront of the British Invasion to a dedicated researcher of the unknown goes to highlight his intellectual curiosity and the breadth of interests that can coexist within a single creative mind.

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