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Where Is The Best Place To Buy Vinyl Records?

Inside a record shop

Holly |

The best place to buy records can vary depending on personal preferences and location. 


The most popular places to buy vinyl records include:


  •  Local record stores

  • Online marketplaces

  • Record fairs & flea markets

  • Speciality record stores

  • Online record stores

To find the best location for you to buy your vinyl, let’s look at those 5 options in more detail. 

1. Local independent record stores:

These stores often have a curated selection of records, knowledgeable staff, and a unique atmosphere. They can provide a personalised experience and offer a chance to discover hidden gems. It feels like the most authentic way to browse records, and there’s nothing quite like coming across something special in a real shop!

We did our own research a couple of years ago, and we found that the thing people love most about record shops is the knowledge and passion held by the staff. We don’t have a physical shop, but we’re trying hard to provide that experience through the internet. 

So many towns nowadays are without a decent record shop – we hope to provide that friendly, knowledgeable atmosphere and ability to browse a curated selection regardless of where you are in the world, and regardless of whether you have a local independent shop to buy from.

Inside a record shop | Local record shops are a great place to meet like-minded music fans and learn more about your favourite artists.

2. Online marketplaces:

Websites like Discogs, eBay, and Amazon have extensive collections of new and used records from various sellers worldwide. They offer convenience and a wide range of options, but it's important to check seller ratings and descriptions carefully. 

There are too many horror stories of dodgy sellers on marketplaces, especially people who aren’t versed in the trade and how to care for records. Records can arrive wrapped up in packaging that most certainly wasn't designed for records or graded wholly inaccurately. 

While marketplaces are most definitely where you’ll find the largest variety, it probably isn’t where you’ll find the most wonderful customer experience. Marketplaces can be constricting for both the seller and the buyer in terms of the ability to communicate and show personality. 

Buying directly from a business’s own website will often allow you to become part of their community, to know about new products before anyone else as well as have access to loyalty programmes and special deals. 

3. Record fairs and flea markets:

These events bring together multiple vendors selling records in one location. They can offer a diverse selection, including rare and collectible items. Check local listings or online platforms to find upcoming fairs in your area.

This is a fantastic opportunity to browse record stands if you don’t have a local record shop, or if your local shop doesn’t stock what you’re typically looking for.

A popular record fair in the UK is Vinyl Daze Record Fairs, with dates almost every weekend across the country. Check whether they are coming to your area soon.

Much like many fairs of this type, they will typically charge an entry fee – Vinyl Daze (currently) charge £1 to get in. It’s a great opportunity to spend some time flicking through albums and singles from many different sellers, with opportunities to meet other collectors and like-minded music fans.

A record fair | Record fairs are great opportunity for a slightly different day out - especially if your town doesn't have its own record shop.

4. Speciality record stores:

Some record shop focus on specific genres or eras, catering to niche interests. If you have a particular interest in a specific genre like jazz, classical, or punk, speciality stores can be a great resource.

Here at Atlas Records we don’t specialise in any one genre or era, but we do stock plenty of records from across the genres and we always get excited to come across rare and special items. Our website has been set up with fantastic search and filtering options, so if there’s something you’re looking for you can search for anything you like in the search bar at the top left of our website.

The filters on the left of our pages will allow you to filter by options including first or second pressing, white labels, misprints, promos, sleeve type (eg, gatefold or envelope sleeve) and so much more.

Had a look and we don’t have what you’re after? Feel free to get in touch with us and we’d love to see if there’s anything we can do to help you track down the scarcest of records.

5. Online record stores:

Numerous online retailers specialise in vinyl records. Examples include Vinyl Me, Please, Rough Trade, and Boomkat. These stores often have a well-curated selection, and exclusive releases, and sometimes offer subscriptions or membership options.

Stores like those listed above tend to only sell brand-new and sealed records. Perfect if you’re after all the newest releases. For second-hand copies of all the classics, from the 60s right up to the present day, look no further than us at Atlas Records!

With us, second-hand doesn’t mean poor quality. We’re extremely careful about how we clean, grade, and photograph all of our records. If it isn’t in a condition that we’d be happy adding to our personal collections, it will never be listed on our site. 

We do sometimes even have brand-new and sealed records. Sometimes people sell us their collection having never opened a record or two, and we have even purchased large collections of ‘new’ records from other people in the music industry.

Looking for more reasons to start shopping for your records second-hand? Check out our blog post on the subject here…

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