How we pack your orders safely

For such a delicate cargo only the best and most sturdy packaging will do, which is why we've sought out the perfect selection of packaging materials that can do just that. Every. Single. Time.

More than that, we accept the impact that businesses can have on the world and the change they can help drive by choosing responsibly. These two criteria were in mind when picking out the right range of packaging to safely, and responsibly, bring you the music you love.

That's why we love each and every element of packaging that we use to deliver your items, and we hope you do too.

All records are sent in our super-strong, market-leading mailers which are made with card from responsible sources. Their easy-open tear strips make unwrapping simple, so there's no risk of damaging your record as you fight your way into the envelope. On top of that, the records fit snugly which minimises the danger of scuffed corners. Their unparalleled strength ensures that the days of opening up a record damaged thanks to carelessness in the postal system are well and truly over.

The best bit?

They're guaranteed to be 100% recyclable and forest friendly.

Good for the environment. Great for you.

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