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How Do I Know If My Vinyl Record Is 180 Grams?

Nirvana 180 gram vinyl record

Holly |

Determining whether a record is 180 grams (also known as 180g or heavyweight) can be done by physical inspection and checking for labelling on the sleeve or hype sticker.

Here are four ways that you can do it:

1. Look for Labelling

Many vinyl records have information about their weight printed on the cover or on the record label itself. If a record is 180 grams, it may be explicitly mentioned. Check for phrases like "180g vinyl" or "heavyweight vinyl."

If the record label or sleeve doesn’t tell you that the record is 180g, there is still a chance that it is. It is quite possible that the original hype sticker that was stuck to the shrink-wrap had a note to say that the record is 180g, but these are generally thrown away once the record is opened.

Nirvana In Utero Yellow
The previous owner of this 180g vinyl put the hype sticker on the front of the sleeve
Crosby Stills Nash 180g vinyl
There are 180g reissues from just about every major artist

2. How does it Feel?

180-gram vinyl records are noticeably thicker than standard records. Standard records are usually around 120 to 140 grams, so a 180-gram record will feel heavier and more substantial in your hand.

3. Examine the Edge

Hold the record on its edge and look at the thickness. A 180-gram record will have a thicker edge compared to lighter-weight records.

4. Or Simply… Use a Scale

If you have a precise scale, you can weigh the record. Simply place the record on the scale, and if it weighs close to or exactly 180 grams, then it is a 180-gram record.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind that not all records are labelled with their weight, and the absence of labelling doesn't necessarily mean it's not 180 grams. If you're uncertain, checking with the manufacturer's information (if available) or consulting online resources for details about specific releases can provide more information.

One of the best online resources you can use to check whether a record is 180g (or if you want to check whether there is a 180g version of a particular album) is Discogs.

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